eBook Animation Software: 3D eBook Shot.

Three Products in One!

When we originally launched 3D eBook Shot, we made the decision to produce a separate product for the software market called 3D Box Shot. While both of these programs were based on the same engine, as development continued, they began to drift apart. This resulted in both products becoming harder to maintain.

When we decided to produce a third product for making 3D Mug images, imaginatively called 3D Mug Shot, it occurred to us that it would make much more sense to bring all three products under one roof. As a result, when you purchase either 3D Box Shot or 3D eBook Shot, you’ll actually be buying 3D Pack Shot. 3D Pack Shot includes 3D Box Shot as well as 3D eBook Shot and 3D Mug Shot at no extra cost. It really is three programs for the price of one!

3D eBook Shot can Now make Videos!

Here's a short teaser of what you can do with the latest version of 3D eBook Shot. It gives a quick over view of what the program can do and demonstrates the keyframe system all in under two minutes. This clip features music.

Because Everyone Judges a Book by it's Cover...

3D eBook Shot is a virtual packaging design tool. It transforms your artwork into a 3D book in real time using the full power of your PC’s graphics hardware, allowing you to rapidly prototype your book cover designs. You can easily rotate, pan and zoom your book in real-time, which helps visualize the finished design and make better looking ebook covers. With an easy to use but highly powerful keyframe animation system you can use 3D eBook Shot to help you create product promo videos like this one (please note, this video features an audio track):



3D eBook Shot can also export high quality bitmap images of your book which can be edited for inclusion on your web site or in promotional literature. Unlike other eBook cover design packages, 3D eBook Shot produces true perspective correct 3D images in real time. Please visit our eBook Cover Gallery to see some example ebook cover created in 3D eBook Shot.

Make your eBooks Stand out from the crowd.

If you've bought the resale rights to some ebooks, then why not boost your sales by designing a great looking cover shots for them? Using 3D eBook Shot, you can stamp your own identity on any information product, giving you an immediate edge over your competitors. When you’re competing to sell the same product as hundreds of other sites, you simply cannot afford to pass up anything that makes your site look more attractive and professional.

Boost your sales with the high quality ebook cover your products deserve. 3D eBook Shot works great on Windows 7, Windows Visa, Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98 with a 600mhz CPU + OpenGL Compliant Graphics as a minimum specification. Simply load your artwork into the program and you'll have the perfect ebook cover design in a few seconds! When you Buy 3D eBook Shot you'll receive your unlock code immediately via email.

Sell more eBooks.

With 3D eBook Shot, you can turn your ebook cover image into a genuine sales tool. Unlike other ebook cover maker packages, 3D eBook Shot can create big images as well as tiny thumbnails. As a result, you can make your ebook cover shot clickable and link to a full sized image.


3d Ebook Cover

A well designed ebook cover can hammer home your sales message and help to secure the sale. Putting it simply, a quality eBook cover image can improve your conversion rate. Because 3D eBook Shot produces 3D book images dynamically in real time, we firmly believe it's the best way to make eBook cover shots. Pictures speak louder than word, so please visit our eBook Cover Gallery in order so see some 3D eBook covers made using 3D eBook Shot.

Can 3D eBook Shot make different types of style eBook covers?

3D eBook Shot comes complete with a series of ebook templates in a range of shapes and sizes. These include standard hard back books, standard paper back books and large format paperback books. If there’s a different size ebook cover that you’d like us to include in the program please email us with the details.

3D eBook Shot. Try before you buy.

We sell 3D eBook Shot using the "Try before you Buy" marketing model. This means that you can download the demo version of the program free of charge and try it out. If it meets your needs (and we’re confident it will) all you need to do is purchase an unlock code. After purchasing, you’ll immediately receive a download link to the full version of the program. As a registered 3D eBook Shot user, you’re entitled to free updates for 1 year from the day you buy.


3D eBook Shot is Now available on CD!


In conjunction with Esellerate (our ecommerce provider) we are now happy to offer 3D eBook Shot on CD. Just include the "eCD" option when you purchase 3D eBook Shot and you willl receive a CD containing the program via priority mail.

Why doesn’t 3D eBook Shot have built in design tools so I can design my own ebook cover shots?

3D eBook Shot is primarily a tool for designers to help them create 3D Images and videos of their art work. It doesn't have any pretensions to be Adobe Photoshop. Unless you have already designed your packaging then 3D eBook Shot won’t help you. But this isn’t a bad thing. The sort of woefully inadequate, half baked design elements included in some eCover products just result in bland looking boxes that look painfully amateur. Competent designers would run mile from such things. Presenting an amateur looking cover shot to your customers is far worse than having no eCover shot at all.

At best, such products perpetuate the idea that good design is somehow irrelevant to online sales, at worst they result in horrible looking product images that would make anyone with a modicum of taste run screaming to the hills. Leave design to the designers. Good design isn’t expensive, so don’t cut corners where the whole world can see it.If you are considering designing your own packaging, at the very least, you need a layer based image editing tool like Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop or the Gimp. Some rinky dink ebook cover design package isn't what you need if you're serious about sales.

What some of our customers have to say about 3D eBook Shot:

"A Wonderful Product"
I spent hours searching the net looking for an eBook cover design package and just found hundreds of spammy sites offering the same Photoshop tools. 3D eBook Shot does everything I need without the expense of purchasing Photoshop. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product!
Marion Godfrey CA.
An Incredible Boost To My eBook Business..
I purchased a copy of 3D eBook Shot a couple of weeks ago. I often find shareware products confusing and difficult to use. I'm glad to say this wasn't the case with your product. Within a few minutes I'd made my first eBook cover design. Sales of my eBook's have increased dramatically since I uploaded the images to my site. Well Done!
Martin Hudson MA.

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Cool Program!
Man I love it! It's a breeze to learn and I just dig the way the interface responds to the mouse movements. When I move the book around the screen I can just imagine how my ebook cover will look on my web site! Time to finish my eBook now I guess.
Denzil Rudovik North London UK