3D eBook Shot FAQ:

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When I export “Full Frames Uncompressed” video from 3D eBook Shot the footage doesn’t playback smoothly in Windows Media Player. Why?

While the “Full Frames Uncompressed” option provides the highest possible image quality (since no compression is used) , it creates huge files. This is hardly surprising when you consider that it does exactly what its name suggests. It writes each frame of your animation to the AVI file without using any compression technology at all. Therefore a 500 frame clip is roughly equivalent in size to 500 separate 24bit bitmap files.


As a result when Windows Media Player tries to play the file back it will struggle unless you happen to have a very fast and powerful dual core PC. However, regardless of the spec of your machine, any “Full Frames Uncompressed” clip will playback smoothly when rendered in a video project and will provide the highest possible image quality. If you need to play clips exported from 3D eBook Shot without re-rendering them in a video editing package, then you should select a codec (DIVX or XVID for example) when you export your video clips from 3D eBook Shot.

3D eBook Shot doesn’t start on my System. It just says “Failed to Create Empty Document”. Why?

You don’t have any OpenGL drivers installed on your system. You need to install the correct display driver for your graphics card. If you get this error, then 3D eBook Shot has done you a big favour by pointing this out. You will more than likely notice a massive performance boost across your system once you install the correct display driver and what’s more 3D eBook Shot will run correctly. We don’t even charge for this service!

How Can I Find Out What Sort of Graphics Card I Have on My System?

Open the Control Panel and double click on the System Icon. Click the Hardware Tab and Click on Device manager. Click the “+” to expand “Display Adaptors”. Right click on the device shown and select properties. The type of graphics card you have is shown under the General tab.

If your graphics card is made by a company that licenses technology from a company like ATI or Nvidia, then there's a very good chance that the driver supplied with your card is out of date. This is because, in most cases, third party manufactures use very early reference drivers that just about get the hardware working. It can take months (or sometimes years) for drivers to be perfected in order to milk the best from the hardware. Frequently, upgrading to the chipset makers latest driver will significantly improve system performance. Below is a list of graphic card manufacture's and their websites. It's a long way from being comprehensive, but since the graphics market is currently dominated by ATI and Nvidia, it should suffice in most cases.

Graphic Card Manufacturers

Developer of high end workstation graphics cards.
ATI Technologies
Manufacturer of the Radeon line of video cards and graphics chips.
Matrox Graphics
Manufacturer of the premier line of workstation 2D and multidisplay graphics cards.
Developer of the most widely used video graphics processors used in the PC hardware market.
SiS Inc.
Developer of the Xabre value line of graphics processor units for PC video cards.
Manufacturer of PC graphics cards based around the NVIDIA graphic processors.
Manufacturer of PC graphics adapaters based on the NVIDIA graphic chipsets.
ASUSTek Computer
Manufacturer of PC graphics cards based on the NVIDIA chipsets.
Maker of a wide range of NVIDIA based graphics cards.
LeadTek Research
Manufacturer of PC graphics cards based around the NVIDIA chipsets.
MSI Inc.
Manufacturer of PC graphics adapters based on the NVIDIA graphic processors.
PNY Technologies
Manufacturer of PC and workstation graphics cards based on the NVIDIA chipsets.
Sapphire Technologies
Manufacturer of PC graphics cards based around the ATI graphic processors.

3D eBook Shot Crashes and is unstable on my system. Why?

Hmmm, let’s have a guess… Do you happen to have an nVidia based graphics card and the inability to read simple instructions? Basically you forgot to uninstall the old driver before upgrading to the new driver. We’re not psychic. This fault happens so often that we’re sick of it…


When you update your Nvidia graphics driver, you should always insure that you completely uninstall the old driver before you install the new driver. Once the old driver has been removed from your system you should reboot before installing the new driver. Failing to do this can cause a conflict between the old and new drivers. Elements of the old driver can get left behind. These can cause problems with OpenGL (the graphics system that 3D eBook Shot uses).


If you notice graphical corruptions on the screen, or if elements of the 3D eBook Shot GUI fail to work correctly or cause the program to crash, this can be due to an incorrectly installed Nvidia driver. In some cases an incorrectly installed driver can even prevent 3D eBook Shot from running.


In all cases this problem can be solved by uninstalling the graphics driver, rebooting then reinstalling the driver or installing a new driver. Which is exactly what driver instructions tell you to do, but you didn’t bother to read them, did you?


Everything looks Jagged in 3D eBook Shot. Why?


This is because you haven’t enabled anti aliasing in your display properties. Please take a look at the Image quality page for more information. The image quality that 3D eBook Shot can produce is only as good as the graphics hardware on your PC allows. If you have a rubbish graphics card on your system, then 3D eBook Shot will not be able to work miracles. However, it's worth noting that even a jagged image will look smooth once it has been reduced to a smaller size in an image processing package that supports bicubic or bilinear re-sampling.


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