3D eBook Shot in Action


In the world of eBook marketing, actions speak louder than words. As a result we've taken 3D eBook Shot and used it to the max in a series of real world marketing situations.


First up, here's an eBook Marketing mini site that's been given a 3D eBook Shot extreme make over! The ecover and mini site graphics were made by our in house design team. The 3D ecover images were made using 3D eBook Shot. Click on the ecover image below to visit the mini site:

Here's another eBook Mini Site. This time the power of reading body language is discussed in detail in. One again the 3D eBook Shot design time went to town on the ebook cover design and the mini site graphics. The 3D eBook cover, with it's stunning perspective was made in 3D eBook Shot:

There's another eBook mini site given a make over with 3D eBook Shot. This time the team used some of the new "stacking" designs in 3D eBook Shot v3 to make a stunning display showing a stack of eBooks:

Please checkout our Promo Video for 3D eBook Shot. Please note, this video includes an audio track.

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