Export Smooth HD Video on Low Spec Machines


With 3D eBook Shot, you don't need a high spec machine to export smooth HD Video. This is because of the method that 3D eBook Shot uses to generate video.


Here's the science bit. When you generate a video clip in 3D eBook Shot, the program grabs each video frame one frame at a time. The video routine copys every visible pixel in the rendering frame to a bitmap image, which is then encoded to video, frame by frame. As a result, it doesn't matter how long it takes 3D eBook Shot each frame. You can create mind bogglingly compex sequences.


In order to demonstrate this we decided to push the 3D eBook Shot text engine to extraordinary degrees in order to create this clip:



This clip comprises of over 22,000 ASCII characters. By anyones standard, this is a lot of characters to display on screen at one time. If you consider that 3D eBook Shot turns each of these characters into a 3D model, the sheer amount of work your computer is doing becomes apparent.


On a modest machines, 3D eBook Shot struggles to play this animation back in the program, at more than a couple of frames a second. However, we used just such a machine to create the above video at 1280 x 720, in the perfect format for uploading HD video to Youtube.


While you can't export video in the demo (after all, we want to give you a reason to buy the full version), you can compare the speed that this sequence run on your machine to the above video. No matter how slowly it plays back, you'll be able to export video at HD quality when you purchase the program.