Why you need to own a copy of 3D eBook Shot V3...


Sshhh! Make sure your competitors aren't looking over your shoulder! We wanted to do something different with 3D eBook Shot V3. We wanted to break from conventional thinking and make our product entirely unique. 3D eBook Shot V3 moves the world of virtual packaging on to the next level.

First of all, let’s take a few steps back and think about how things work in the real world and how they can be applied to online eBook marketing techniques. We're going to show you how to make your product stand out and look great.


Let’s look at book stores. If they’re still in business, you can be pretty sure that they sell a lot of books. The average book store can teach an eBook marketer an awful lot about marketing.


Retail merchandising is a genuine skill. Most of us have had the experience of being drawn to an impressive display of books in a book store. We’re sucked in, almost unconsciously by the symmetry or artistry of the display and the eye catching power of the cover designs.


One of the key advantages that a display of books has over a single book is that it shows off a cover design from a number of angles.


Assuming your cover design does the job it’s supposed to do (hint… it’s supposed to sell your product) having it appear in a display will hammer home your marketing message far more effectively than simply showing a single book.


Here’s a simple visual example. Which of these images looks more appealing to you?


This one?

Or this one?

Unless you have no sense of perspective or taste, the chances are you'll agree that the second option looks better. More importantly, so will your customers.


This is just basic common sense. When a bookshop has a display of an authors book near the front of the store, it will inevitably result in more sales that a single title sitting on a shelf gathering dust.


If you need some science to back up the common sense, then get hold of a copy of Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. It makes a powerful case that we arrive at the decision to purchase a product from a new website within two seconds of looking at the page. If you've created an ebook cover yourself maybe you should listen to that nagging voice in your head that said the perspective doesn't look quite right.


3D eBook Shot V3 uses hardware accelerated 3D graphics to create a true, perspective correct, three dimensional representation of your eBook cover. What's more, it does this in realtime.


Quite often, it’s the simple ideas that are the best. That’s why we’ve included some new features in 3D eBook Shot V3 that we know will help to take your marketing to the next level. Instead of creating a single eBook you can now create 1,000 of them and make them dance!


Please take a look at a small range of video clips made with 3D eBook Shot V3.





Please note while 3D eBook Shot V3 can export video, it can also export still images of stunning displays of 3D eBooks


You can create the most incredible displays of eBooks that the world has ever seen. 3D eBook Shot V3 is nothing short of marketing dynamite.


Owning a copy of 3D eBook Shot V3 is like having you own marketing department on call 24/7. If you'd like us to let you know when 3D eBook Shot V3 is available then please contact us.